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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the questions that we get all the time. Don't see your answer below? Click the button to schedule a call and talk with a representative right here in Arizona. 


This is an ever growing list as we receive new questions. Feel free to ask a question to the Wise Power Doctor or submit a question on our Contact US page.

  • How can you guarantee I will save money by switching to solar?
    This bold claim is made possible by our expertise and quality of components. We take into account your last 12 months of usage history (if available), analyze the dynamics of your utility's solar program (each utility company is different), and recommend a specific panel and inverter combination designed to save you as much money as possible. As long as you go with our recommendation, we guarantee you will pay less money for your solar and utility payment in your first full year, than you did in your last year without solar for the same amount of power. If that's not the case, we will pay the difference, and write you a check for $1000.
  • Who is responsible if something happens to my solar system?
    We provide 10 to 25-year warranties for all aspects of your solar system, including the panels, the installation, and even your roof. Many of our panels' warranties also cover labor costs! If you choose a Sunrun PPA/Lease, the system's insurance, maintenance, and repairs are all covered by the company for 25 years.
  • What type of panels and inverters do you use?
    We work with all of the top suppliers including LG, Silfab, REC, Solaredge, and Enphase. We are able to get almost any type of panel, but your specialist will recommend the best one for your home's energy needs and climate consideration.
  • What happens if I sell my house with an existing solar loan/lease?
    Not only do homes with solar sell faster, if you own your system expect an increase in your home's price at the time of sale. Most homeowners use this bump in equity to pay off any existing solar loan, so the new owner doesn't have to worry. If you choose a Sunrun PPA/Lease, we guarantee that the new buyer will qualify to take over the agreement - with the exact same rate, warranties, and remaining term length.
  • Can I add more panels later if I already have a system?
    Yes. When we install a system, we do the wiring in such a way that an addition can always be done at a later date, in order to supplement your home's power needs if your usage increases. With Sunrun, you can always add an additional Sunrun array after the first 12 months.
  • If the grid shuts down, will I still have power?"
    As long as your solar system has a battery back-up your home will have power, even in the event of a grid shut-down.
  • What happens if I have a roof issue/leak after the system is installed?
    Our installation team has installed over 30,000 systems, and are experts in the craft. We include a 25-year installation workmanship warranty on the portions of your roof where work was done, so if there is ever an issue due to the system, you're completely covered!
  • Will my system have a warranty?
    Yes, every system we install comes with robust warranties. If you choose a Sunrun PPA/Lease, you will have complimentary 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. If anything happens to the system, it will be fixed - free of charge.
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