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Arizona Incentives

In the valley of the sun we have 330 days of sunshine a year. It just makes sense to go Solar, and for a limited time it makes dollars too.

How to get the Tax Credits and Rebate in Arizona

30% Federal Tax Credit

The federal Inflation Reduction Act provides a tax credit for individuals and businesses that install solar energy systems on their property. The credit is equal to 30% of the cost of the solar energy system, including labor and installation costs. There is no cap on the amount that can be claimed, and the credit can be claimed for both residential and commercial properties, subject to certain limitations based on your tax liability.

To claim the Residential Energy Credit on your federal tax return, you must use form 5695. This form is used to claim the credit for solar energy systems, as well as other types of energy-efficient improvements to your home, such as insulation and energy-efficient windows.

AZ State Tax Credit

Arizona has a state tax credit for solar energy systems. The credit is equal to 25% of the cost of the solar energy system, up to a maximum credit of $1,000 for residential properties and $50,000 for commercial properties.  The process for claiming the rebate involves the following steps:

  • Install an eligible solar energy system on your property.

  • Obtain a certification from the manufacturer or a qualified installer that the system meets the necessary requirements for the tax credit.

  • File your Arizona state taxes and claim the tax credit on your state tax return.

It's important to note that these credits are subject to change and availability. It's recommended to consult with one of our solar energy experts to ensure that you are eligible for the credit and that you claim it correctly on your tax return or to get more information on the current status of these programs.

Tesla Battery Backup

In today's world, power outages are becoming more frequent and unpredictable Having backup energy storage can be a wise investment for homeowners and businesses alike. Not only does it provide peace of mind during power failures, but it also offers several other benefits. Here are some reasons why might consider adding battery storage to your home:

  • Economical: Battery energy storage can help you save money on your electricity bills by allowing you to use stored energy during peak hours when electricity rates are higher.

  • Backup energy storage can be a lifesaver for people who rely on medical equipment that requires electricity to function. It can also help keep your home or business safe and comfortable during extreme weather conditions.

  • Battery energy storage is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle. It can also add value to your property and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Scheduling a call is simple and finding out what you qualify for is easy. It only takes a minute to get started and costs you nothing.

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