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Switch to Solar

Take advantage of the Arizona sunshine in five easy steps


Schedule a Call with an Expert

Still on the fence about switching to solar? Schedule a no pressure call with our team to discuss the specifics of your situation with a real person right here in Arizona. We're fun, outgoing, and love to talk about solar!

Hotline Consultant
Elderly couple wearing protected face ma



(in-person or virtual)

In this meeting, we'll take a deep dive into your energy needs to start designing a custom system for your home and determine just how much you can save. 


Site Inspection

We'll schedule a time for one of our certified technicians to survey your home. This ensures that your roof and electric panel are suitable for solar and that our engineers have the proper measurements to create blueprints.

Construction Planners


Permitting and Utility Application

After your final design has been approved, the plans get sent off for permitting. We take care of all city, county, state, and federal permitting. We'll also get approval from your utility! This process can take as little as two weeks.



You've approved the design, you know exactly how much you're going to save, permitting and approvals are all in, and now it's finally the day you've been waiting for! A small team of our licensed and bonded construction veterans will take 1-2 days to add the panels to your roof and install the solar inverter next to your electric panel.

Installing solar photovoltaic panel syst

Custom plan, perfect fit, just for your home

24 panels

16 panels

26 panels


Determine your system size and details


Find your solar savings and energy cost


Learn current promotions and incentives

Do you own your home?

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Take a step in the right direction! Contact us today.

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