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The Guinness World Record for Sunniest Place on Earth goes to...

According to Current Results, it's no wonder that solar is a great option for Arizonians. The American Southwest dominates the charts for sunniest places and Arizona takes the 3 of the top ten spots! Here's how many hours of sunlight you can expect if you live in one of these top cities:

  • 1st Place: Yuma, AZ - 4,015 hours per year

  • 2nd Place: Phoenix, AZ - 3,872 hours per year

  • 6th Place: Tucson, AZ - 3,806 hours per year

90% of the daylight in Yuma, AZ is sunny.

This means a lot more than just having a blast river-tubing on the Colorado, riding ATVs in The Imperial Sand dunes, or taking a hot air balloon ride. Arizona is one of the best places on earth to save money on utilities!

As you know, solar energy generates power any time the sun is shining. I guess you could say that makes Arizona the best place on earth to have solar panels installed! Pair that with a battery for solar storage and you'll bet set day or night.

It's pretty obvious why so many are switching to solar. Lot's of sunlight + solar panels = massive savings. See how much you can save on Arizona utilities with our Solar Savings Calculator.

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